Tesla’s Grünheide Plant: 65,000 Coffee Mugs Go Missing

Tesla’s Grünheide Plant: 65,000 Coffee Mugs Go Missing

Since production began in Grünheide over two years ago, around 65,000 coffee mugs have disappeared. Tesla is taking the situation with humor.

In the spring of 2022, Tesla started producing the Model Y in Grünheide. Last year, it was the best-selling car in the world. However, the plant faces several challenges, as local acceptance is not unanimous. The recently approved expansion of the plant is particularly controversial. Compared to that, missing coffee mugs are a minor issue.

According to information from Handelsblatt and dpa, a total of 65,000 coffee mugs have gone missing. Plant manager André Thierig addressed this in a company meeting, mentioning the number. “Statistically speaking, each of you has five Ikea coffee mugs at home,” Thierig said. Handelsblatt cited a recording of the meeting.

Over time, Tesla had acquired numerous coffee mugs for employees. Where they all went remains unclear. This phenomenon is not unique to Tesla, as other companies experience it as well. Whether the mugs will be replaced is still uncertain. Due to the disappearance of cutlery from small tea kitchens, Tesla decided to stop providing it there. The company has since introduced reusable cups. The plant manager’s remarks about the missing mugs and the statistical figure were meant as a light-hearted comment, not a serious accusation. He also mentioned other topics, such as a new fitness studio for the approximately 12,000 employees.