Siemens Energy Stock Recovers

Siemens Energy Stock Recovers

The Siemens Energy AG stock has seen a 3.77 percent rise, placing it in the top third of the DAX index.

Currently, the stock of the electrical and energy technology manufacturer is trading at 25.07 euros, compared to the previous day’s closing price of 24.16 euros. After a few challenging days, Siemens Energy is showing signs of recovery, though it remains to be seen if this upward trend will continue.

With a 3.77% increase, Siemens Energy is the top performer in the DAX today, which overall has declined by 1.15 percent.

The current trading volume for the stock stands at 2,062,981 shares, compared to 1,954,922 shares traded on the previous trading day.

The stock is currently 7.18 percent below its 52-week high of 27.01 euros, and the 52-week low was 6.40 euros.

Siemens Energy AG is considered one of the smaller companies in the DAX: it holds the 28th position with a market share of 1.10 percent in the DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This is due to the market value of the company: all freely available Siemens Energy shares are currently valued at 19.18 billion euros. SAP currently holds the highest market value in the DAX, with a market capitalization of 216.73 billion euros. In the fiscal year ending in September 2022, Siemens Energy AG reported a revenue of 77.80 billion euros and a profit of 1.59 billion euros. As of the end of December 2022, the company employed around 94,000 people worldwide.

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