New Opel Grandland Revealed: Bigger and Loaded with Technology

New Opel Grandland Revealed: Bigger and Loaded with Technology

Opel has unveiled the second generation of its Grandland SUV, which not only grows significantly in size but also features a platform switch and a dazzling array of technological enhancements. had the opportunity to preview the model.

Opel remains a down-to-earth brand, and this is clearly reflected in the presentation of the new Grandland, a key model in the company’s lineup. The launch did not take place in glitzy South France or Monaco; instead, Rüsselsheim, the company’s home base, was chosen for the first encounter with the new compact-class SUV.

However, the term “compact” might be a bit of an understatement here. Measuring 4.65 meters, the new Grandland ventures into the territory of larger SUVs, stretching 17 centimeters longer than its predecessor—a notable increase. Inside, this size increase translates to an additional two centimeters of legroom in the second row. Interestingly, the trunk volume with the seats folded down has slightly decreased from 1652 to 1640 liters compared to the previous model, though such a small difference is hardly significant.

Underneath the surface, there’s a lot going on as well. For the first time, Opel is utilizing the new STLA platform, which will serve as the basis for many future Stellantis group models. This platform accommodates cutting-edge technology for battery-electric drives as well as traditional combustion engines, a detail Stellantis had previously left vague.

Upon seeing the new Grandland for the first time, I was quite surprised. Not only does it look robust, but it also introduces design elements first seen in the “Experimental” concept cars and slated for production. For instance, the Opel lightning bolt logo is now displayed behind a glass panel and illuminated (3D-Vizor). The LED pixel headlights finally live up to their name with a staggering 50,000 pixels.

At the rear, the traditional Opel logo has been replaced by a bold red “Opel” lettering across the trunk lid, and futuristic designed LED tail lights enhance the visual appeal. The stylish “Impakt Copper Metallic” paint finish might just make the Grandland a real crowd-puller.

Infotainment Innovations in the Grandland
Curious, I immediately jumped behind the wheel, though I wasn’t allowed to drive just yet. Recalling the interior architecture of the Peugeot 3008, I scanned for shared components (thanks to the shared platform). While the Grandland’s interior felt familiar and emitted a hint of its PSA lineage, it was distinctly Opel upon closer inspection.

Particularly distinct is the infotainment concept compared to the 3008, where the screen is positioned such that a head-up display becomes almost unnecessary. Opel, however, opts for projecting important information onto the windshield—a practical way to keep drivers focused on the road without sacrificing access to critical data. Additionally, a 16-inch touchscreen in the center console and a digital instrument cluster without mechanical dials underscore the modernity of the new Grandland.