Amazon Plans $8 Billion Investment in Sovereign AWS Euro-Cloud

Amazon Plans $8 Billion Investment in Sovereign AWS Euro-Cloud

Amazon has revealed more details about its plans for a sovereign European AWS cloud, intending to invest nearly €8 billion, with a launch slated for the end of 2025.

For some time now, Amazon has been working on a sovereign Euro-Cloud called the “AWS European Sovereign Cloud.” This cloud will be independent from the rest of the company and based entirely in Europe, managed exclusively by local staff. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now unveiled more specific plans for this initiative.

AWS announced its intention to invest approximately €7.8 billion in the German region for the sovereign Euro-Cloud by 2040. The cloud will be located in Brandenburg, emphasizing long-term ambitions.

AWS: Sovereign Euro-Cloud in Brandenburg

The AWS European Sovereign Cloud will begin as a pilot project in Brandenburg, with Amazon aiming to launch it by the end of 2025. The plans are ambitious: Amazon anticipates a multiplier effect for cloud computing in Europe, driving the digital transformation of government and business sectors. This initiative is expected to bolster the AWS partner network, increase the number of digital and cloud experts, advance renewable energy projects, and have a positive impact on communities where AWS operates.

Amazon’s initial investment is projected to grow due to these effects, potentially contributing up to €17.2 billion to the gross domestic product by 2040. Additionally, this will create 2,800 full-time jobs in regional businesses, spanning construction, maintenance, engineering, telecommunications, and the broader regional economy that supports AWS data centers. Amazon also plans to create new roles for highly skilled permanent professionals such as software developers, systems engineers, and solutions architects to build and operate the AWS European Sovereign Cloud.

Amazon underscores its commitment by offering “AWS customers the most advanced control capabilities for sovereignty requirements, data protection measures, and security features available in the cloud. We are making significant investments in new expertise and local infrastructure. This helps ensure the operational sovereignty that our customers need,” said Max Peterson, Vice President of Sovereign Cloud at AWS.