FREQUENTIS completes voice communication system for Polish Air Navigation Services Agency


FREQUENTIS compact and duplicated VCS 3020X will provide a market-leading voice communication system to PANSA, and was completed under the lead of IT-COM. Frequentis took over the delivery of the system from the original project partner, Schmid Telecom AG, one month after Schmid announced bankruptcy.This could have been a tough situation for PANSA if this solution was not brought to market in time due to a vendor insolvency. Based on the legacy relationship between Frequentis and PANSA, the company was able to step in with little to no ramp up time and ensure this safety-critical functionality was fully supported.

The deployment is based on the proven Frequentis compact and duplicated VCS 3020X, and will provide a multitude of interfaces to external systems for safety-critical ground/ground and air/ground communication. The system will also provide a more advanced ATM communication system with 25 Working Positions and over 100 external telephone and radio links.

Source: Frequentis

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