Stark County signs deal for new radio equipment with Motorola Solutions


The Stark County (Ohio, USA) commissioners finalized a $12 million contract to buy radio equipment from Motorola. The equipment will include about 300 mobile and portable new digital radios for the Stark County Sheriff’s office, 18 dispatch consoles for three dispatch centers and hardware and software to upgrade radio towers to improve the coverage area, said Stark County Administrator Brant Luther.

The county will pay Motorola $130,724 a year to maintain the dispatch consoles starting in 2020, with the cost going up about 3 percent per year through 2029. Luther said the county will save money as it now pays Motorola about $463,000 a year to maintain its current 1990s-era system, which Motorola will not guarantee to maintain after 2018.

Source: Indeonline

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