Marion and Baxter counties innovate by sharing Solacom’s i3-ready 9-1-1 solution


In a creative decision that will improve the way 9-1-1 service providers deliver public safety services in Arkansas, two counties have jointly purchased a new 9-1-1 system from Solacom. By sharing one system, Marion and Baxter counties will not only save costs and resources, but will also have the ability to host counties with smaller populations on their network. With Solacom’s Guardian 9-1-1 Solution, both counties now have the most flexible, user-centric emergency call management solution for Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs). The IP-based, fully integrated NG9-1-1 solution is designed to support all current and emerging standards and enables future enhancements without replacing the underlying infrastructure.

At the desktop, call takers in both counties work with the customizable Guardian 9-1-1 Call Handling solution, which enables quick and efficient response to every call. In addition, Marion and Baxter counties are now text-to-911 ready with Guardian Text, which is seamlessly integrated in the solution. Call takers are also equipped with Guardian Map, which displays complete call location information and enables them to answer and manage calls directly with the interface.

Source: Solacom

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