Airbus DS Communications expands flexibility and reach for emergency notification with new VESTA Communicator Functionality


Airbus DS Communications has expanded the capabilities of its VESTA Communicator emergency notification solution. The new functionality offers users the ability to alert people through many new means in an emergency. Plus, additional features, such as custom user roles, increase system security and enhance employee accountability.

The VESTA Communicator solution is known for its interoperability with other key systems. This includes seamless integration of the VESTA Communicator solution with the Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System from Airbus DS Communications' Technology Partner Alertus Technologies. Now, in addition to activating the VESTA Communicator modalities, users can also activate Alertus modalities from one screen. Whether pre-planned scenarios or those built-on-the-fly, users can contact individuals and teams by phone, text, email and social media and trigger alerts to fixed devices. These include networked computer desktops via the Alertus Desktop Notification, Alertus Alert Beacons, Alertus mobile apps, fire control panels, digital signage, cable TV override, text-to-speech self-amplified speakers and high-power speaker arrays.

Source: Airbus DS Communications

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